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She's from United States.

He's from Colombia.

It all started in Brazil and they got engaged on their way to Bahamas.

Now, they are getting MARRIED!

Once Upon A Time . . . 

in a land far away there was a young Prince who went by the name of Mathew Alexander. Living in the valley of Bogota, Colombia. 
Day after day this Prince roamed the vast horizons of his kingdom in search of his beloved princess. Each day he Prayed that one day he would encounter her. 
Until one day finally, in the most unexpected moment.... on a cold day. Where the sun had no shine, the flowers were withered, and forest trees were chilled....she entered the streets of his kingdom. From a distance her soft swift steps were heard on the cold cement ground. 
Suddenly Her eyes locked with His!
Could this be fate?! And with a soft sweet voice she whispered, "Hello!" Now at this moment the prince was so into his own thoughts that he did not realize-there she was... His beloved princess Emilly Amanda...Standing right before him. Now as a Proper Prince would, he saluted her graciously, exchanged a few words... And she then carried on without a notice. 

Two weeks had gone by and the only common thing that appeared to have happened between Mathew Alexander and Emilly Amanda was the beauty of silence. 
As the unexpected journey of life continued, they have now encountered themselves in Brazil on February 13, 2015. Emilly Amanda arrived in her outstanding carriage to the Guerra Family Palace located in the deep mountains of Brasilia. Little did she know that right behind her carriage... off in the distance was Matthew Alexander observing her.
As Emilly descended from the carriage and said her goodbyes to her beloved Parents for the month , Mathew noticed his heart was suddenly yet swiftly over taken by love. However, at the moment he could not describe the strange feelings that he felt inside.
And so the journey began in this gorgeous palace along with all the other guests. Little did either of them know that each guests would soon play an important role in their story.

The days spent in Brazil were quickly passing by! Only 3 days were left on the calendar until Mathew Alexander and Emilly Amanda would both take their separate ways. Emilly would continue her journey to the Lein's Palace In Goiania, Brazil and Mathew would return to His kingdom in Bogota, Colombia.
Suddenly, while Mathew Alexander was in the carriage along with Emilly Amanda, her gorgeous sister, the Queen of the Land they were in and young Joshua , a strong audible voice came to Mathew's Ears.

"Because you have been formed, I have formed your life, your character, Because I (God) Am The One who has formed you. You have gone through trials, struggles, and hard moments. But it has all been for THIS moment, for this exact moment, for you to be here. For Her. She will be your Wife." In that very moment His heart went into shock! What a mix of emotions! His beloved princess that he patiently waited for His entire Life was there! Right Next to Him! Tears of joy then began to rush down his scruffy cheeks, as he now entered into the next phase. . . How could he possibly conquer Her heart?!

The days that remained in Brazil were full of joy, laughter and Friendship. Mathew Alexander was completely overcome by an unexplainable joy! His princess that he had been searching for his entire life was finally by His side! Now he had to patiently wait for the perfect timing to tell Emilly Amanda His incredible experience with God! A Beautiful future little by little becoming a reality.

The Months that followed were full of telephone calls, and beautiful hand written letters sent back and forth-  a true friendship in the making! Until one fine day.... Mathew Alexander and his whole entire family traveled across the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with the purpose of a surprise visit for Emilly! Bringing with them days of Joy, Laughter and Abundant Happiness!

And so the heart beat moment finally began! 
What a special moment this was.
His whole entire life he was preparing a special game that would last FOREVER with just one special girl.  He would introduce this game the moment he would tell Emilly his feelings of love toward her!
A Beautiful hand painted wooden box, engraved with Emilly's Name all around. Along with all the rules of BLOVEGAME™ .
Including inside a special prayer friendship Bracelet.
Emilly Amanda was in absolute disbelief ! She never imagined this could possibly be! 
She agreed to the beginning of a beautiful friendship on just one condition .... (which you will all find out at the wedding!) ....
The friendship then turned into days. The Days turned into months and the months turned into seasons. And now the season is of Engagement!
The Prince is hard at work gathering all the treasures of the land, planning each detail for the special day in which he will Wed his beloved Princess. 

What a true story of love, that began in the most unexpected moment. They will soon live Happily Ever After , ruling over the vast horizons of the Land.  

The Sun once again has its shine, the forest is filled with life and the flowers blossom brightly with color each day as the creatures of the Forest join in with their song. Little did she  (Emilly) know I was the one guiding her all along to that special day in Colombia where their eyes crossed. As it is my duty to take care of these chosen ones. 

For I Am The Holy Spirit, and I guide to the most perfect and divine will. 
And I will do the same for your life as I did for Them.



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