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I Like Someone ... Now What?

One of the main questions we have been receiving lately is this one. So here we go! We dedicate this post to you!


So, I see the butterfly feelings in the pit of your stomach are back, huh?!

I mean, just reading these words off the screen your probably thinking about your crush right now. Eh? Eh?

Alright, lets get straight into how you feel every time you see this person:

The palm of your hands begin to sweat, every word in your english vocabulary disappears and the only word you can seem to remember in that moment is a shaken

“H…H..Hi!” But in reality all you want to do is run to that person and yell loud enough for the whole world to hear you, “I LIKE YOU… I REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOU!”

Okay, now, after all that imagining, let’s come back to reality.

Here are a few pointers on what to do when you are interested in someone.

1. You're not going to like this advice but since you're reading this I’m going to write it down anyways: SIMPLY WAIT !!!!

> The most common mistake we tend to do is follow the pace of our beating heart and rush to the person and tell them we like them! THIS IS A BIG NO- NO.

Allowing your emotions to guide your decisions causes you to lose all of your spiritual insight. Maybe the person you have a crush on simply isn't the one that God has planned for you. Or even if it is the right person it’s just not the right timing.

Look, never rush into a relationship. The strongest marriages start with a strong foundation (friendship). So give it time. Allow your friendship to grow, nurture it and take care of it without allowing your emotions to get involved. This way you can truly get to know the person. Learn about their likes, dislikes, habits, what makes them tick, what their hobbies are, how are they in church, what way do they speak to their parents…. and the list goes on. There is truly so much to learn about someone before diving

into a relationship and this is so important in order to understand eachother.

On a side note- 1 month is not enough time to get to know someone. Truly wait.. be patient..

After all, the best things (common' finish this sentence with me) come to those who wait!

2. If you're not ready to talk to your parents about who you're interested in, then you are most definitely not ready to tell your crush!

“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14

> Parents are the head of the home. So when you feel in your heart that you're super interested in this person and it could possibly lead to something more, then share your emotions with your parents. Let them know how you feel about your crush. Ask your parents what their opinion is and how they would feel if one day this friendship could possibly lead to something more .

You see, parents have insight that we as youth often don’t. Well, you know how the saying goes, “Love is Blind” and often times they can see what we can’t. Also, our parents are a great source of prayer. There is nothing more powerful then a parents prayer over their child. So give them the time

to really pray about this person that you are interested in (obviously before telling your crush). Let them feel confident in their hearts that if this friendship turns into a relationship that you will really bloom in every aspect of your life: Spiritual, Physical and Emotional!

3. Woah! Didn't realize how long this post is getting, my fingers have been typing up a storm! So for my final point… SPEAK TO YOUR SPIRITUAL

LEADER about it.

The Bible says “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Proverbs 19: 20-21

Why is it important to let our Spiritual authorities in on the inside scoop about our feelings? Well, it's simple, they are the most spiritual people around you that can help guide you. I mean your Pastors are anointed Pastors for a reason.

During this stage of ones life you can either make the BEST DECISION in the entire world or because of the lack of guidance, you can make the WORST DECISION of your life. And there is nothing more painful than marrying someone outside the will of God.

Your Spiritual Authorities can offer you the guidance that you need. But you have to be willing and open to accept it. Remember they have already been through this process. YOU haven’t. So stop being hard headed and allow them to guide you. They want to help because they love you and want you to succeed in every area.

So to wrap it up, if you really like this person, don't waist the only opportunity you may have. Give it time, allow your friendship to build and follow the next two easy steps mentioned above.

Alright that's it for now! See you at the Blove Game Conference!

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