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Disclaimor: All photos and wedding ideas are copyrighted. Use of photos without permission are prohibited.

Wedding decoration & design concept: Emilly Lein, Jeannie Lein & Erica Martinez.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Emilly Lein & Mateo Castaneda cheerfully tied the knot deep inside the dense California Forest, infront of their closest friends and family. 

It was a very intimate moment with 100 guests. 50 from each side to be exact.

It was a day written by the very hand of God.  

Each guest dressed in the colors of the event. Upon arrival, each reciepient was greated with sweet orchestra sounds as they stepped into a real life fairytale. The forest was filled with the brightests blooms and nic nacs all around. As a token of gratitude from the bride and groom, each guest recieved their own specialized perfume and hand painted/crafted honey jar. 

The ceremony began with a young ballerina performing back flips down the wedding aisle. Suddenly, ballerinas hidden in the forest began to appear. As they swayed to the rythem of the music they made way for the grand entrance of the Groom (Mateo Castaneda). 

The wedding court consisted of the Brides & Grooms parents ( Henry & Jeannie Lein, Orlando & Jimena Castaneda), Groomsmen (Jonathan Lein, Mike Castaneda, Edwin Hurtado & Jhonatan Rojas), Ringbear (Levi Lein), Bridesmaids (Cristhiane Lein, Deborah Lein, Melodi Lein & Sharon Castaneda) followed by their four gorgeous flower girls (Hannah Vergara, Vannesa Catano, Shailoh Proenca & Rachel Proenca) who entered holding the most affectionate baby bunnies. 

And now as the regal entrance of the Bride (Emilly Lein) took place, there was a grand release of 175 orange butterflies. 

The ceremony was filled with love, laughter and tears of joy. During this moment Emilly presented to Mateo a surprise gift that she had been waiting to give to her future husband her entire life. This gift was a book of her wedding day that she made when she was just 10 years old. Inside this book contained all the details that she dreamt of, as well as a letter that she wrote to him when she was 14 years old. This letter stated that she would wait for him and faithfully count each day until this moment would arrive. Also included was a list from when she was 11 years old describing exactly how she would want her husband to be and what he would look like. To our amazement the list described him perfectly! (Infact in this very moment Emilly is writing a book for young girls to inspire them to do the same! Stay tuned for the release date!) 

In continuation to the ceremony the Bride and Groom recived the blessing of marriage from both of their parents and also their guest pastors: Johana & Eliemerson Proenca, Alberto Mottesi  and Valnice Milhomens. 

The sweet moment to seal the marriage had now arrived. What a better way than under a storm of falling rose pedals!

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