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Bridal Shower

This past weekend my lovely Bridesmaids surprised me with an absolutely gorgeous Bridal Shower. Filled with so much joy, love and the most impeccable polished details everywhere.

Upon arrival the guests were greeted with sweet cherry blossom sights.

Each guest then received a delicate hand painted golden pin , covered with a sheer strip of flower fabric. The rules of the pin game were : "No one is allowed to say the word Bride or Wedding, at the end of the night the one who collects the most pins- wins"

As each guests then walked under the gorgeous California sun followed by a soft breeze, they were surrounded with such beauty created by each individual Bridesmaid.

What could possibly be better than a banana dough and strawberry filled cake! Topped with fresh blush peonies and white roses

Meet the Lovely Bridesmaids (Named left to Right):

Melodi Lein, Sharon Castañeda, Nancy Larios, Berenice Pulido, Karolina Fernandez, Deborah Lein, Nancy Nguyen and Cristhiane Lein

Each girl I have known for 10 years or more !

The afternoon was then filled with celebration, lots of food and heart melting speeches!

Below is one of my favorite photos of the night. My best friend since I was 2 months old. Literally.

And of course whats a better way to end the celebration then throwing the Bride and Groom in the Pool and having everyone in their fancy attire jump in as well!

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