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Bachlorette Weekend

Bachelorette Party: The famous celebration in America when the Bride says goodbye to being single forever! Prepared by the Bridesmaids and the goal is to obtain the Fiancee by Surprise.

What a better way to start off the weekend by "kidnapping" the Bride!

As I was enjoying my morning work out , I was sweating away my calories and all of a sudden BOOM! The bridesmaids came up from behind me - covered my head with a black pillow case and announced on the PA system to the entire gym "Attention, Attention everyone! We have a Bride on the loose! Her name is Emilly Lein! We must catch her!" and at that moment... can you just pause for a second... and think what in the world was going through my head! I could of pulled out my MMA Skills and punched them all in the face! haha NOT... (maybe im kidding , maybe im not) they then tied my hands and feet carrying me off and stuffing me into a car!

What an emotion that was!

I was then driven a whole 2 hours (Yes with the pillow case over my face) until we reached our beautiful destination: San Diego! Which is part of the golden California coastline!

Where we enjoyed a beautiful lunch under the ocean breeze. Followed by sailing the deep blue seas in a pulchritudinous yacht all to ourselves!

As if that wasn't enough of a surprise we then spent the rest of the afternoon in Coronado Island!

Following this remarkable day, we spent the entire night awake in our lavished hotel room suite.

Decorated with such posh details.

About sleeping zero hours, we finished the wonderful weekend with a trip to a local eatery and french bakery!

Thank you Ladies for such an INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!!!

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